3 Reasons Why Cape Voters Need to Tax & Regulate Cannabis

The Cape region has a big opportunity, but will Towns make the right decisions in time?

The Cape region has a big opportunity, but will Towns make the right decisions in time?

Town Meeting voters in Mashpee and Brewster will soon determine whether regulated cannabis retail locations should be allowed to operate in their communities.  These votes are extremely important from an economic and public safety perspective.  Voters should be fully aware of all aspects of the vote before them.  Here’s 3 critical points to consider:

#1 - The Economic Benefits

Taxed-and-regulated cannabis facilities will present significant economic benefits to Mashpee and Brewster.  In Massachusetts today, the average annual sales for medical marijuana dispensaries is $6 million.  With the six-percent local tax option available under the new law, that would mean new annual tax revenue of at least $360,000 per town from a single storefront--and likely more, given the larger non-medical consumer base.  Plus, new shops would create new jobs and new direct business for electricians, construction works, HVAC companies and more.  

#2 - Local Control of Small Footprint

Local officials can cap the number of establishments and can determine their location.  No town is going to be overrun with stores, or see them anywhere except where they are allowed to locate through local control.  

#3 - Eliminate the Criminal Supply Chain

Regulated sales establishments will take marijuana commerce out of the hands of criminals and put it into the hands of responsible, tax paying businesses who check IDs and sell safe, tested product.  Cannabis is already in Mashpee and Brewster, and has been for decades.  It will remain in these towns no matter what happens at Town Meeting.  By allowing legal sales, voters will put criminals out of business and will help assure that dangerous product--like the Fentanyl-laced marijuana that was recently discovered in Yarmouth--is kept off the streets.  We cannot morally allow such dangers to consumers and first-responders to continue.  

It is time to put aside the false, hyperbolic reefer-madness mindsets of prior decades.  There are smart approaches working in other towns, so we need not look much further than those states already seeing success.

It is time for Town Meeting voters in Mashpee on October 16 and Brewster on November 13 to make responsible decisions about regulating cannabis and realizing new economic and public safety opportunities for their communities.

Ready to be a part of the tax & regulate solution? Get involved to help the Cape tax & regulate!

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