Barnstable Councilors Educate Themselves on Cannabis Cultivation and Manufacturing

When I sat on the panel at the Barnstable Town Council cannabis workshop earlier this year, I passionately implored the Council to educate themselves about the depth and breadth of the industry. I even extended an offer for to organize a visit to a cutting edge cannabis cultivation and manufacturing facility, so they could see, first hand, that the industry is much more than "just a pot shop".


Thankfully, Councilors Britt Beedenbender and Debra Dagwan stepped up, and took an extensive tour of Sira Naturals' Milford facility this week:

We commend the Councilors for taking this action, and hope others will soon do the same. We'd happily schedule another tour! 

Want to help Barnstable get educated?

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If you're a resident, then reach out to your Councilor. 

If you're not, tell a Barnstable resident to reach out to their Councilor!

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