Town Council Leaders Propose to Zone Out Both Big & Small Cannabis Business

Sadly, Barnstable Town Council leaders — whether they know it or not — aren't staying true to their "small government and pro-business" roots. Instead of fostering this new $1.8B MA industry, they appear to be letting emotion and social stigma cloud their judgement. Their proposed cannabis zoning amendment is so restrictive that — if passed at the meeting this Thursday — will essentially BAN both small and big canna-businesses, and they will be forced to look outside of Barnstable for viable investment opportunities.

The zoning amendments that these usually-small-business-minded leaders are proposing are so geographically and operationally restrictive, they will ensure this soon-to-be $1.8B MA Industry goes elsewhere. This move will equate to a BIG financial loss for Barnstable — in the form of both new jobs and tax revenue — which is shockingly shortsighted move for the fiscally conservative leadership to propose. Maybe they are unaware at how damaging this amendment will be? 


(the complete amendment can be viewed here, starting on Page 28)

Maybe their thought is: "We're banning Retail and Manufacturing, but we're fostering Research, Testing and Cultivation". Hmmmm...let's take a look at how "fostering" this zoning actually is:

Let's be real: would YOU open a business in a town that was being this aggressive against you?  

Let's be real: would YOU open a business in a town that was being this aggressive against you?  

What’s Wrong with Barnstable's Proposed Cannabis Zoning?

It will repel big & small business alike, which is easy to see, if you look at it from the business owner's perspective:

😵 Large Cultivators – won’t be interested in the higher price per square ft on Cape Cod, without the added value of “Product Manufacturing”. Cultivation + Manufacturing go hand-in-hand, and is required to make a large operation profitable.

😵 Product Manufacturers - are completely BANNED, which will obviously keep them out. But what is not obvious, is the fact it will keep the large cultivators out, as explained above. The next "Cape Cod Chips" could be in this category, and could help recreate the attainable, well-paying manufacturing jobs we've lost over the years... unfortunately, Barnstable leaders want to ban these jobs too. 

😵 Small Cultivators – the zones are so small, property will be difficult and expensive (if not impossible) to secure.

😵 Craft Cooperatives – there are no farms in the zone! Farms are the intended backbone of craft co-ops. 

😵 Microbusiness – the “small business category” of license is completely BANNED, which is a big loss for our friends & neighbors, aka the local entrepreneurs trying to get ahead of big competition. 

😵 Research – why would a research facility be built in an area that has so many restrictions? It wouldn't. 

😵 Testing – if the above businesses don’t exist, there will be nothing to test, no market for them to service. No customers, so no demand. It's that simple. 

It's short-sighted, permanently damaging restrictions like this, that continues to drive business investment off Cape, and into other areas of the State!

ZERO: This is what happens when Cape leaders act out of fear, instead of logic. 

ZERO: This is what happens when Cape leaders act out of fear, instead of logic. 


Do you support small cannabis business in Barnstable?

This is your LAST CHANCE to help! Here's 4 things you can do: 


#1 - Attend & Speak Up at the LAST CHANCE Town Council Meeting 9/6 @ 7pm (they vote after public comment)

#2 - Call your Councilors! Here's talking points and their contact info

#3 - Sign the PetitionSupport Small Business in Barnstable

#4 - Donate to our GoFundMe campaign to help all the above

This is our LAST CHANCE to help Barnstable Town Council be on the right side of history! 


Regulated Cannabis is Right for History, Right for Business, Right for the Cape!

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