Dear Cannabis Control Commission, Don't Forget Cape Cod

On Feb 6th, the Cannabis Control Commission visited Cape Cod and was there to provide feedback on the draft regulations and "the Cape perspective".

Watch the 5min video (above), read the official letter submitted to the CCC (below), or both! 😀

Dear Commissioners, (RCC) is a local, Cape-based organization of residents, business people, former law enforcement and local government officials, advocating for a community-minded approach to cannabis regulation.

First and foremost we applaud your efforts thus far and commend you on the following: 

✔️Maintaining an open and transparent process; working to maintain current timeline for recreational roll-out; proactively accepting direct feedback from the community across the commonwealth

✔️We also commend the bold and proactive approach you have taken with many challenging issues. It is important that all issues be debated now, whether or not they are part of the initial rollout.

Draft Regulations:


License Fees:

We commend the CCC for following through the with the commitment to make recreational license fees affordable, to ensure all levels of entrepreneurship may be realized ●

License Types:

Independent “Indy” Retail (non-vertically integrated)

This tier will ensure that all cultivators are properly represented and will create the highest level of consumer choice and will be the main channel-to-consumer for the craft sector.

Craft Cultivator Cooperative

Will allow local farmers & entrepreneurs a chance to enter into an evolving industry. 

Micro Business

  • Could be a very important component of the “craft movement”
  • Can we have more direction regarding definitional language?
  • Seems to be broadly misunderstood by local communities

Third Party Testing

  • Vital for a smart and safe supply channel
  • Keep fees reasonable to ensure all cultivators are able to thrive, while maintaining proper safety standards to protect the consumer

Packaging & General Consumer Safety Standards

  • Strict and thoughtful labeling standards
  • Dosing limitations per unit and package
  • Secret shopper programs


  • Will be an important component, particularly in resort areas such as the Cape & Islands
  • Should be part of a phased rollout approach (after retail but before on premise) 

On-premise Consumption

  • A progressive and proactive approach that will be vital to limit illegal public consumption in the long run
  • Should take a slow and thoughtful approach to this roll-out. Allow recreational retail to set-in across the commonwealth, before rolling this portion out


Delivery Only Retail:

  • Prevents “Yes” towns from realizing the tax revenue from their brick and mortar retailer partners
  • Brick and mortar retail should be given the only delivery authority
  • Delivery is needed for many reasons such as: 
    • Social / Consumer Benefits:
      • Provides access for disabled and elderly consumers
      • Mitigates potential social stigma attached to being seen at a brick and mortar location
      • Provides a convenience that consumers are becoming more accustomed to (e.g.
    • Public Safety:
      • Would help stem the growing online unregulated black market
  • Buffer Zone Language
    • “...which children commonly congregate.”?
    • The towns need more clarity on this

Smart & Safe Zoning:

  • Can the CCC assist “Yes” towns with zoning data?
  • E.G. Traffic Generation Reports from CO, WA?
  • Using new license types (e.g. Micro Business Licenses...what and where?)

“Hearts and Minds Tour” Delegation Sponsorship:

RCC would like to organize a delegation of local town leaders to learn more about the current regulated industry within the commonwealth. 

  • Local leaders need to educate themselves before opting out of an entire industry
  • Visit a local RMD cultivation/manufacturing/retail facilities
  • Visit a local craft cultivator or group of cultivators
  • Meet with industry leaders who can provide information about their businesses and discuss both community and economic impacts

RCC is committed to working together with local officials to show the rest of the commonwealth how a “smart and safe” approach to cannabis regulation and zoning can benefit all stakeholders, helping to grow an industry and a regional economy, while ensuring public safety.


Spencer Knowles


Cape Cod Outline .png

If you want to get up to speed on the draft regulations, you can find them here: The Cannabis Control Commission Approves Draft Regulations for the Implementation of the Adult Use of Marijuana Industry in Massachusetts.

And don't forget..reach out if you want to get involved!