3 Ways to Support Small Cannabis Business in Barnstable

Are you in support of the small business opportunities a Cape-based cannabis industry can create? Then now is the time to take action, especially those who reside, or operate a business, in the Town of Barnstable.

IMPORTANT: Barnstable Town Council is expected to vote to send BOTH a ban and a zoning article to Planning & Zoning at either its June 7th or June 21st meeting. This will kick off a 65 day public process that all industry stakeholders should get involved in.

What can you do? Here’s 3 ways you can help:

  1. Reach out (letters, email, and most importantly, phone calls)  to the Barnstable councilors to urge them to NOT support a ban of an entire industry. Instead, urge them to SUPPORT a smart and safe zoning approach, that maximizes benefits while minimizing risks.

  2. Plan to speak at all upcoming Town Council and Planning & Zoning meetings. This will be a 65 day process, and there will be public comment opportunities every step of the way. Make sure your voice is heard, minutes before critical decisions are made.

  3. Spread the word to your friends and family! Let’s turn up the volume from the silent majority, and drown out the vocal minority that has incorrectly skewed the perception of this industry for too long!

There are 13 elected town councilors (representing 13 separate precincts), so we only need to convince 7 to oppose a ban!

Barnstable Cape Cod Cannabis Question 4 Voting Breakdown Small.jpg

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Cannabis prohibition has failed in all regards accept one -- creating a criminal illicit market. Let’s put that to an end and establish a safe and effective market place through appropriate regulation and zoning, just as we do for fine wine, craft beer, and spirits.

Some recommended talking points you should consider making in your correspondence are as follows:

  1. The public health, safety, and financial benefits of legalization substantially outweigh the potential detriments.

    • Barnstable would see more than $1 million in new annual tax revenues. Why should those tax dollars go to a town like Brewster that has already approved legal cannabis?

    • The criminal illicit market would be substantially reduced if legal access was provided

    • A regulated cannabis market place would keep potential poisons out of cannabis.

    • Cannabis is measurably less toxic and addictive than alcohol or tobacco.

    • Children would have less access; drug dealers don’t check ID’s.

  2. Only up to 5 cannabis retail establishments would be allowed under the law (and Barnstable can decide to allow less), compared to 24 alcoholic beverages package stores currently permitted. Also, since the law prohibits all window displays or product depictions of any kind, passersby would likely not be aware of the business’s nature unless they were cannabis consumers.  Plus, the security systems would be much more sophisticated than those in package stores. 

  3. Conservatively, at least 30 full-time good paying jobs would likely be created (just for retail). If a manufacturing or grow facility were built, that number would be 150, or more.

  4. A ban won’t stop Barnstable residents and others from buying and using cannabis in town or make them any safer – it’ll just force them to continue using the dangerous illicit market, keeping it alive and flourishing, or require they buy their cannabis in a progressive town like Brewster. The future lies in smart and safe zoning and regulation, not prohibition.

Most importantly, urge councilors to educate themselves, as Britt Beedenbender & Debra Dagwan have done by visiting a cannabis manufacturing and cultivation facility. We’ve extended the offer to book another tour for Barnstable councilors, so all YOU have to do is ask.

Barnstable Councilors Britt Beedenbender & Debra Dagwan visit Sira Naturals in Milford. 

Barnstable Councilors Britt Beedenbender & Debra Dagwan visit Sira Naturals in Milford. 

Ready to start contacting councilors? Here's all the contact information you need: Meet the 2018 Barnstable Town Council.

Good luck, and reach out to me if you need any assistance or advice. I'll gladly talk/walk anyone through this. Here's my email: r.elrick@verizon.net or you can contact me via Facebook

We need your help!

There's no way this gets done alone, and our efforts are seen as "special interest" so we NEED Barnstable residents to pick up the baton, and stay involved for the upcoming 65 day process. We need to make sure there is someone speaking for this industry at EVERY meeting where decisions will be made.

Are you ready to be a CHAMPION?

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