Truro, Meet Your Homegrown Craft Cannabis Cooperative

When the Cannabis Control Commission created a specific classification for Craft Cannabis Cooperatives, they literally had small businesses like the High Dune Craft Cooperative in mind.

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Not coincidentally, when we founded we had them in mind as well. This craft cannabis cooperative is the exact type of homegrown small business Cape Cod needs foster.


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Not convinced yet? Well, I challenge you to watch these co-op members passionately presenting at last night's Truro Cannabis Community Education Forum info session, speaking from the heart and demonstrating there is nothing to be scared of. Quite the opposite! This is a business opportunity to be embraced, as it's a path forward to economic development & diversity, much needed in our Cape community.

It was truly an honor to join these fine folks, and the Massachusetts Recreational Consumer Council, for a night of education and open discussion. We look forward to seeing the results! 

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