Truro Voters Stand Behind Small Cannabis Business on the Cape

Truro voters met at Town Meeting this week, and stood in support of the High Dune Craft Cooperative voting against the moratorium Article 21, deciding to indefinitely postpone discussion.  

Watch the vote, as it happened (~2.5min): 

This result is what happens when good people, set about to do the right thing, for the right reasons, and go about it in the right way, as demonstrated with their easy-to-adopt message:

Vote No Article 21 Truro Craft Cannabis Cooperative.png
"Power to the people! This proves a coordinated effort by our Craft Cooperative to dispel the negative mythos regarding cannabis businesses CAN CHANGE MINDS! If your community is facing the same challenges as we had, YOU CAN CHANGE THE NARRATIVE TOO! Organize, inform, educate your fellow citizens!"   -- The High Dune Craft Cooperative


Well said!

What does this mean for Cape Cod?

It means support is out there and all we need to do is work together to ensure the vocal minority does not dictate the future of the cannabis industry on Cape Cod. Join us May 7th in Yarmouth for an industry stakeholder meeting (details to follow asap).

Save the date May 7th at Yarmouth Town Hall, standby for more details, and please follow the Regulate Cape Cod Facebook Page in the meantime!

Cape Cod Outline .png