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Prohibition has failed Cape Cod, but regulation can succeed. 

Massachusetts estimates that cannabis sales will generate $200 million in new taxes by 2020.  Communities can impose local taxes of up to six percent, meaning hundreds of thousands of dollars in annual revenue. 

What percentage will Cape Cod get?



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It is crucial that all Brewster residents who back a safe, regulated and taxed approach to marijuana sales attend Town Meeting and vote against both articles.  Establishing bans or moratoriums will not keep marijuana out of Brewster.  They will only keep drug dealers in control of the market.  More information →


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On September 1, the Mashpee Finance Committee voted 5-0 against a moratorium on retail marijuana sales.  This is a responsible and smart action that will help the town establish a safe, regulated sales system that will provide tax revenues, create jobs and take the market away from drug dealers.  Other towns should pay attention and take similar constructive actions! More information →