Help for Massachusetts Cannabis Microbusiness is Here: The Sira Accelerator

When the Cannabis Control Commission locked in the new recreational cannabis regulations, their message was clear: Massachusetts-based small business will be given the opportunity to catch up. Barriers to entry were lowered by providing a flexible licensing and fee structure, as well as capping cultivation at 100,000 square feet, and retail stores to 3, per licensee. This promotes the inclusion of small and large-scale business ventures, while allowing for both competition and growth.

So the State cannabis regulations are there to help microbusinesses...but where is the local and industry support? Well, that's where The Sira Accelerator comes in. 

READIn nod to Silicon Valley, Sira Naturals starting up small business 'accelerator' for Massachusetts marijuana micro-businesses


Watch this 90 second video:

Best of all? Cape Cod's own Michelle Bennett of Healing Tree Edibles, who specializes in non-GMO, low sugar, healthy cannabis infused products, was selected as the 1st Beta tester! 

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"One of my biggest challenges, is procuring cannabis oil for product development. This program will help me to rapidly scale my business, taking it from the Cape Cod League, skipping over the minors, straight to the MLB.” 
Michelle Bennett, Founder, Healing Tree Edibles

Michelle and The Sira Accelerator were featured this week on NBC 10 Boston: A Look Inside a Massachusetts Marijuana Facility.

Good luck, Michelle!

Want to find out more about this cannabis accelerator program?

The Sira Accelerator Cannabis Accelerator

What's this mean for Cape Cod?

It means we can rely on help from our established industry friends across the state to ensure that we create an industry hub in this region. Join us at our next Cape Cod cannabis industry meeting!

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